Automate your everyday repetitive tasks and schedule them to be executed as many times and whenever you want
40+ Actions Predefined Actions
Record and Playback Computer Activity
Dynamic Selectors

Qotizer helps you automate your everyday repetitive tasks. All your actions are saved in a a file so you can execute them later as many times you want. With the help of dozens of actions you can automate almost everything from disk operations to internet related tasks. Wide range of features include a global macro recorder which can record all mouse and keyboard options.

Qotizer is mainly two different projects: the Action Builder and the Executer. The Action Builder allow you to create your actions with help of an intuitive and simple interface in seconds. The Executer is a a standalone application and is solely responsible for playing the qotizer script files, this way you can play the qotizer script files without opening the action builder.

40+ Actions

The available actions covers all the tasks you come across. Actions includes but not limited to disk operations (Copy, Delete, Move...), window operations(Minimize, Show Desktop,Kill window...), user input(Mouse Click, Send Keys...).

Dynamic Objects

Qotizer Dynamic Objects are a new way of assigning actions. For example, if you want to copy some files, you don't have to know them by name, you can just enter where the files are or even their sizes and when the script is executed it will perform the specified actions on the files which have the criteria you specified. For example you can use this feature to find all the temporary files on your computer and delete them with a single action.

Global Macro Recorder

The macro recorder included in Qotizer allow to save all the movements of mouse and keyboard and play them later. You can choose to capture only mouse or keyboard movements. Qotizer also allow you to play them later with different speeds(slow,fast,normal...).

Qotizer Executer

The second project of qotizer. The interface of the executer is customizable: either in extended mode or normal mode or hidden mode. You can see each step executed in the script file with a detailed view of each step. The Executer also allow you to generate log files used for debugging, each step is logged and saved to an html file so you can check all the steps later.

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