Read and Listen to the Quran with 4 different Tafseer, 6 translations including French, German and Chinese, and the most popular Hadeeth books ine one compact package
Listen to the arabic recitation in a clear voice by different reciters
Search the entire Quran
Most Popular Hadeeth Books
Customizable interface

eQuran provides the whole Quran and a collection of several books of el Hadeeth in one compact package. eQuran provides two identities: the Quran Viewer and the Hadeeth Viewer. The Quran Viewer allows you to browse, navigate and search verses of the Quran. Different commentary are available in arabic, plus several translations of the Quran in foreign languages. The Hadeeth Viewer offers some of the most famous books in el Hadeeth, completely searchable, in a simple easy interface.


Read the Quran in a simple easy interface. With the provided TwinPanel layout, you can read different translations of the Quran (English, French, Deutsche, Chinese...) Aya by Aya and four different Arabic commentaries in the same view.


Listen to the arabic recitation in a clear voice by different reciters. You can click the Sound Icon to listen to a single Aya or the whole Soura recited. Current list of reciters include: Abdel Bassat Abdel Samad, Mashary Bin Rashed El Affasy, Ibrahim El Akhdar Ali El Kayam, Mohamed Ayoub, Ali El Hozaify, Mahmoud El Hossary, Abdalah Bassfr.


Search the Quran instantaneously, enabling you to know how many times the word occurred in the quran and in what chapters.


You can choose from two different Display Modes that changes how the Ayas are displayed, either on Single Lines, or on Multi Lines wrapped together. There is also an option to change the font family and size to suit your taste.

The Hadeeth Viewer

You can navigate through the different six books available in El Ahadeeth El Nabawya in eQuran. Each book is listed with it chapters and abwab.

Search All Hadeeth Books

The Hadeeth has powerfully search capabilities that lets you search all the Hadeeth Books for specific word or phrase.

Beauty and Brains, Pleasure and Usability – They go hand in hand

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